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About Senior Class

Mary is actively involved on a day-to-day basis in the care of the residents and in communicating with family members and those on the professional care team. You will have Mary’s cell phone number and will be encouraged to call her directly with any concerns you have. She is available immediately to care for unexpected changes or emergencies. She always contacts the family to discuss their wishes involving care. When one of the residents saw Mary at the home late in the evening helping with an emergency, she said to her as she grabbed her hands in hers,

safe and secure

“I feel secure because I know if I ever need help you will be here for me.”

Isn’t that the feeling you want your loved one to have?

Quality Senior Care in a Homelike Setting

Mary and her staff are able to meet the needs of seniors with a variety of physical conditions as well as those with dementia. In many cases, residents are able to receive a higher level of senior care than is available at assisted living facilities. And many are happier in a homelike setting than in an institutional environment. We have fully-powered lifts and are able to care for those who can no longer walk or bear weight.

When needed, we provide compassionate end-of-life senior care and work with Hospice when their services are requested. In most cases, residents are able to stay here and be cared for by caregivers they know and trust.

The quality and value is easily seen and understood when you realize the level of senior care we can provide. In some cases, a nursing home or a memory care unit would be the only alternative in our community for those with advanced care needs. We can provide this care at a much lower cost.

Our Senior Care Team

Mary’s full-time senior care staff average more than six years working at Senior Class. Your loved one benefits from this low turnover rate as the senior care staff are able to really get to know the residents and their care needs and are able to quickly recognize and report any changes in their health to Mary. This long term staff retention rate has been accomplished by creating a positive workplace environment in which the caregivers know they are valued and appreciated. This increases job satisfaction and teamwork, as does maintaining adequate staffing levels. The senior care staff also benefit from regular continuing education to increase their knowledge and skills.

The senior care staff know that Mary genuinely cares for them, not only as employees, but as individuals. In the words of one caregiver who has worked for Mary more than 8 years,

Tricia Va'a, Resident Manager | Mary Alva, Owner | Miracle Taala, Resident Manager
Tricia Va’a, Resident Manager | Mary Alva, Owner | Miracle Taala, Resident Manager

“Mary is like my mother, my friend and my boss.”

Your loved one benefits greatly by being cared for by those who themselves feel cared for and appreciated, don’t you agree?

Family and Friends are Always Welcome

We appreciate your input to help us understand the physical and emotional needs of your loved one so that we can meet them to the fullest extent possible.




It’s your loved one’s home. Come in and make yourself at home. Stay for a meal.
You are always welcome!

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